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Video Training

It is great for your website to have lots of fresh video content to help with SEO, however, not everyone can afford to continually book professionals to shoot quality content. Many organisations cannot book film crews to capture the content they need either because of logistics.

So, KernowPods has come up with a solution – we will train you to use the equipment you have to make the most professional productions possible on your own. After all, you can come up with great results now with everyday equipment – it just takes some know-how.

When you book with one of our sessions, bring your video camera, iphone, handycam etc along with your laptop or tablet. We will then work with you to get the most out of them.

At our full-day session, you will learn:

  • correct shot framing
  • shot composition
  • how to shoot for easy editing
  • lighting
  • clean and clear sound
  • continuity
  • finding the right free download editing software for you
  • clean editing techniques
  • rendering your video
  • uploading your video
  • linking your video to social media
  • embedding your video on a web-page.

The total price for this session is £300 (not VAT registered). Compare that to bringing in a crew for several different projects and we are sure you will see the long-term benefit to your business, charity or organisation.

Contact us to find out when the next session is.