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Voice Coaching at BF Adventure

Have you ever stopped to consider which communication tool you use the most throughout your private and professional life?

Most of us do not think much about it, however, your voice is your prime tool for communicating. Imagine what life would be without it – now imagine what life could be like if you enhanced its capabilities. If you are in business, ask how much you spend on Search Engine Optimisation – now think what you could also do by optimising your voice.

KernowPods is working with BF Adventure to use an incredible team-building and interactive environment in West Cornwall to help you build your prime communication tool. There are courses on the level and vertical to help you get breathing deeply. There is a zip-wire to help you let out a full volume scream. There are great quarries and cliffs to allow you to play with the tonal qualities of your voice and hearing it reflected back.

Talk to us about booking yourself or your team in for a half day of vocal confidence building in the great outdoors.

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