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Voice coaching



‘Midweek’ on BBC Radio 4 interviewed voice coach to the stars, Patsy Rodenberg, in May. She explained so many of the benefits of voice coaching to business. Though I have not worked with the stars that she has, I follow her ideas about opening up the emotion in the voice and using it as an instrument. Have a listen to her interview here:

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Matthew provided ShelterBox with a lively and well thought out programme of media training. His technique of asking me to consider an unfolding story from different perspectives was effective, as were the ‘on camera’ sessions and the inevitable critique. Matthew’s style is very relaxed, but he clearly has a wealth of broadcast experience, and I’d be happy to recommend his media training to others.

Alison Wallace – ceo Shelterbox


Hi Matthew,  I just wanted to say thank you for the lesson in voice training this afternoon at Eagle House in Launceston.  I for one absolutely dread these kind of things as I have absolutely no confidence in front of people whatsoever, which I am sure came across in the training as I probably looked like a startled rabbit, but just wanted to say that you did make it very understandable, informative and beneficial. Thank you again.

Gail Springall – Solicitor

Matthew provided voice coaching services to me earlier this year, I love his training techniques. He is superb at really making you understand why you need voice coaching (or voice optimisation) and he helped me gain more confidence and step out of my comfort zone while having the coaching sessions, so much so it became second nature when presenting. I recently gave a presentation and thoroughly enjoyed doing it – everything I learned from Matthew seemed to come to me without thinking about it. I highly recommend Matthew and everyone can learn something from him – Thanks so much!”

Andrea Edlin – Niddocks

Learn to:

  • project your voice clearly;
  • develop a confident sounding voice;
  • regulate the pace of your voice;
  • improve the range of tones to give you a more dynamic and engaging voice.

Matthew Clarke has eighteen years experience in broadcasting across Cornwall and the South of England. He now wants to pass on his skills in voice production to business and individuals.

According to one leading theory, 55% of human communication is with body language. You are left with just 7% on content and a whopping 38% on what you sound like. This is a very important consideration when speaking to someone over the phone – and this is where much of our everyday business communication occurs. Experts will also tell you that after 48 hours, ninety percent of a conversation is forgotten – what is remembered is the impression made.

Therefore, if you wish to become more effective in communicating and selling – learning to express yourself with your voice is imperative. I like to term this: VOICE OPTIMISATION.

Voice coaching can be held in a seminar setting with a group. The aim is to raise the group’s awareness of their voices and what they can do to improve their style. Individual one-to-one coaching aims to find ways of improving: clarity, diction, intonation, tone, and variety of pace.

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Contact KernowPods to book a session.

The key areas that KernowPods voice coaching looks at are:

  • inflection of the voice. We investigate how to make better use of the tonal range of someone’s voice in a naturally sounding way,
  • tonality of the voice. We coach people into discovering the tonal range of their voice.
  • pace of speech. We work with people to help them discover new ways of varying the speed they speak at in order to achieve a variety of impressions, emphasis and meaning.
  • volume of the voice. We help people to speak using their diaphram and lungs. This enables them to be heard more clearly at presentations – particularly if the PA is not operating properly!
  • vocabulary. We discuss how using power words and questions can help them engage better with their audience.

Voice coaching is a way of discovering the oldest tool of business communication. Yes – you should invest in online communication as well as printed marketing. However, if you really want to make progress and impress your clients, then wisdom dictates that your primary marketing tool (your voice) should deserve the most attention.

Matthew Clarke can help you discover your voice using a range of vocal techniques learned from seventeen years broadcasting on the radio. He is also a musician and will help you consider your voice as a musical instrument as well as an essential business tool. For example, in one exercise, Matthew takes a group of people through a singing exercise to help develop volume whilst learning to control a note. This vocal exercise is fun and enlightening for many people who have never sung in a choir or on stage.

Lord Digby Jones is former Director General of the CBI and a world-renowned public speaker on international business. He is well aquainted with how to engage with an audience on all levels. I asked him about his tips for making a good presentation. Here he talks about the content. Listen to what he has to say.

Voice coaching with KernowPods is not just about working on your premier business marketing tool – but it is also fun.