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Matthew Clarke

Matthew Clarke

Matthew Clarke has more than twenty years of media industry experience – seventeen of those are within broadcasting.

Matthew Clarke started out as a sound engineer in London in the late 1980s and then moved into business affairs at EMI Records UK LTD. However, a desire was burning to hit the airwaves. So Matthew retrained and soon became a regular fixture on Radio Mercury – covering Surrey Sussex and North East Hampshire.

Since then, has been been a journalist at: Atlantic FM; Pirate FM; Plymouth Sound; Star FM, The Eagle; BBC Radio Kent; Essex Radio; Hereward FM; Q103; Invicta FM… just to name a few.

Through all of these incarnations, Matthew has covered news stories with the audience in mind. He has connected with listeners and helped them understand the world around them.

Matthew currently freelances for Heart Radio. Here he is reading a bulletin:


Matthew at the programme after-show party

Matthew Clarke with Richard and Judy

Though not born in Cornwall, Matthew is passionate about Cornwall and its heritage. He speaks Cornish fluently and has made international publicity out of his campaigns to promote Kernewek. Matthew also produces a weekly half-hour podcast in Cornish called Radyo an Gernewegva.

Matthew has also worked in public relations for two years full-time, and for five years on a voluntary basis. Two of his biggest campaigns involved the Cornish language. He made global coverage out of Lisa Simpson shouting ‘Rydhsys rag Kernow lemmyn’ (Freedom for Cornwall now) in a Christmas special for Channel 4. He achieved coverage around the world – eventually ending up on Richard and Judy’s sofa.