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Why boost your voice’s volume

Developing voice volume or methods of projecting your voice is of great importance in business for the following reasons:

* There are many times when you will be called on to give a presentation where the PA system is poor or non-existant.
* Networking can often be noisy occasions and therefore increasing your volume can improve the chance of a potential client hearing your message.
* A more projected voice is heard as a more confident voice.

Voice training for business involves methods of developing this vocal projection so that you can become more confident and have an increased chance of communicating with potential customers. A KernowPods business voice coach will help you discover the power of your diaphragm and lungs. The exercises are not only about volume, but also about varying your volume as a tool for engagement.

Booking a series of sessions with a KernowPods voice coach means you will be able to enhance your business communication.