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Topics covered

What a newsroom is looking for

  • Covering the types of media, news, and audience.
  • Looking at the local press, tv and radio.
  • What happens when your press release lands in the journalist’s inbox?
  • What is the newsroom’s agenda?
  • What a journalist wants out of an interview?
  • Making sure you make your point in the email subject bar and first line of press release

Crisis Strategy

  • The RRR strategy.
  • Linking strategy.

Being interviewed

  • keeping answers to your agenda
  • answering questions that you do not want to answer. Good blog here to highlight some points.
  • planning for an interview.

Voice techniques

  • clarity
  • pace
  • inflection
  • volume
  • tone
  • vocabulary

Relevance of Social Media

  • How journalists interact with social media
  • Making social media a resource for journalists
  • Making your Tweets catch the eye of the journalists