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Sustainable Cornwall – Exploring the Cultural Connection

Below are the podcasts from the event in the order they happened. Scroll further down to download the agenda and see an overview video.   listen to ‘Sustainable Cornwall session 1: Cllr Edwina Hannaford’ on audioBoom Slides listen to ‘Session 2: Dr Joanie Willett’ on audioBoom Slides listen to ‘Session 3: Dr Lamorna Spry’ on audioBoom Slides listen to ‘Session 4 introduction by Dr Adrian Spalding’ on audioBoom listen to …Read More

Summary of Value of Culture event 13th Oct 2014

BACKGROUND On 13th October 2014, an event was held at the Pool Innovation Centre to examine what we perceive as the value of culture and Cornish identity. The seminar cum debate was arranged in the wake of the Cornish people being officially recognised as having ethnic minority status. A panel of experts gave their thoughts on what they thought culture meant for Cornwall: Jenefer Lowe (Maga – Cornish Language Partnership) …Read More

Key feedback on Value of Culture session

Key Feedback from event   Culture and the story behind the product is incredibly important. Cornish language: we like to intersperse words and understand the heritage importance however there is fine line between inclusion and exclusion where a language is concerned and we will be careful with that moving forward. Story telling is not just of the past but conveying a story of an area. It develops context and pride. …Read More

Benefit to Business of Cornish identity and Culture

It was an impressive experience to walk around the marquee at the Great Cornwall Food Festival on Lemon Quay with aromas of cheeses, meats, chocolate and fish all melding into an intoxicating mix of passion for product. It was equally exciting to look at the range of ways used to brand the foods and drink on offer. The visual stimulus worked hand in hand with the entertainment of your senses …Read More


1. Gwell via gortos tre hedhyw, Pan vo an kommol loes, Gwell via bos y’m chi rag dynnerghi penn an oes BURDHEN Ny garsen vy dha reudhi, Mes yma an bys ow teudhi, Awos henna hag ow heudh vy, Ny vynnav dos yn-mes. 2. Defolys yw an planet glas, Gans mostes mabden plos, Henn yw neppyth ha genev kas, Y’n ebrenn, mor ha ros. 3. Re welsen liv hag awel …Read More

An Fos Hen

AN FOS HEN Fos a veyn, Men war ven, Ass os yeyn, Hag ass os hen, Merkya pras, Oes hag oes, Gwitha has, Yn-mes an koes, Growan gwynn, Ha growan du, Synsi hwynn, Orth an eyl tu, Eus dhis kov, Ha hwedhel hir? Skon y rov, Dhis tenkys gwir. 17/5/13

Endangered languages can be saved by social media

As a Cornish business and a Cornish speaker, I work very closely with the Cornish language and social media in several ways. I have a part-funded podcast radio service in Kernewek which goes out every week. Radyo an Gernewegva is not only published on its own website, but also on twitter @Kernewegva and through Facebook. I have used interest groups on Facebook particularly to get the radio broadcasts around. Now, …Read More

Learning Cornish: Questions and Answers

A yll’ta dos dhe’n kevywi haneth? Gallav. My a yll dos. Na allav. Ny allav dos soweth.   A wre’ta dos omma yn fenowgh? Gwrav. My a wra dos omma yn fenowgh. Na wrav. Ny wrav dos omma yn fenowgh.   A vynn’ta prena an desenn joklat ma? Mynnav. My a vynn hy frena. Na vynnav. Ny vynnav hy frena.   A garsys eva te? Karsen. My a garsa eva …Read More