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KernowPods Health and Safety Policy

KernowPods promises to abide by its clients policies on Health and Safety whilst working on their premises or on their projects.

We are fully aware that we will need to have a full H&S briefing from whoever is in charge of H&S at any site we operate at.

KernowPods promises not to carry out any work that will endanger anyone’s health, safety or well-being.

Camera operators are made fully aware of any hazards that might be around them whilst filming. It is the job of the assistant to make sure the cameraman’s path is clear whilst moving the camera whilst rolling.

KernowPods risk assesses any external projects which do not take place on private property of clients. It is the client’s responsibility for Health and Safety when KernowPods works on their property.

KernowPods is always aware of electrical safety when using electric sockets on location. We use a trip protector in case of any fault with the power system. We make sure we carry out the suggested tests on the trip protector each time we use it.

KernowPods is always aware of trip hazards from power cables to cameras and other video and lighting equipment. We carry with us a reel of gaffer tape to secure any cables. Failing that, we make sure a member of our team has the responsibility of guarding the route of any cable.

KernowPods always take note of fire drills and regulations on any client property