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Audio Podcasts

Simply put:

  • A podcast is a broadcast online.
  • A podcast can be downloaded or streamed.

What can a podcast be used for?

  • Communicating a message.
  • Enforcing values.

A podcast can enhance your VCP:

    • Visibility: a podcast can contain engaging content that makes the internet connect with you and discuss your product or service.
    • Credibility: you are given your own broadcast medium to propagate a targeted message.
    • Profitability: Your website is your shop window. You want your shop window to pull the customer in. You need to put engaging content in your shop window.

We produce both audio and video productions.

Professional podcast production

Podcasts are a form of communication that allows the listener the pleasure of hearing a programme, a message, or documentary in a way that feels more like radio. Unlike radio though, the fact that the listener has actually discovered this podcast on your website and pushed the play button, it means that there is a deeper connection. It essentially means that the listener has already bought into the message.

Read this BBC article about podcasting

Podcasts are listened to online, or as a download from the web and onto a mobile device. Millions of people around the world do this regularly because of developments in mobile internet technology, and the promotion of media-players developed by organisations such as the BBC.

KernowPods is bringing these developments in communication to the business world. We make broadcast quality programme-making  more accessible to small and medium sized companies. If you wish to discover creating your own radio-style content for the web, then contact KernowPods today and find out how reasonably priced it is, and how good it can sound playing from your website.

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KernowPods specialises in the production of audio podcasts using 20 years of broadcast experience. We believe there are clear reasons why audio podcasting should be part of your overall marketing mix online:

An audio podcast allows the consumer to download it and listen in a wide number of places where video would not work:

  • download and plug your mp3-player/I-pod/phone into your dashboard USB to listen whilst driving;
  • download onto you mp3-player/I-pod/phone and listen whilst out for a run or walk;
  • download or stream at home and listen whilst cooking/working.

An audio podcast is often saved as an mp3 – a very small file size, but still sounding high quality. This means it does not take much server space or bandwidth.

An audio podcast is extremely cost effective if you want to produce a series of messages.

Matthew Clarke interviewing in Mevagissey