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Environmental Policy

KernowPods endeavours to recycle as much as we can, switch everything off whenever we can, have low power lighting, and always plan travel so as to conserve petrol. We are passionate about Cornwall and the Cornish environment, so make every effort to save resources.

KernowPods is not a producer of any product and so our main use of resources is electricity and petrol. We will conserve petrol by asking ourselves if the journey is absolutely necessary. If not, then we will hold meetings by Skype or telephone. If the meeting has to be held elsewhere, then we will make sure we arrange other necessary meetings in the locality at the same time.

KernowPods’ electricity usage is kept to a minimum. We very rarely need heating in our office and lights are energy saving.

Any batteries used by KernowPods are recycled.

Any food waste is composted. We strive not to buy foods with excess packaging.

We always walk to the bank.