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South West firm helps in the German flood relief effort

As central Europe struggles to cope with severe flooding over the past weeks, a south west flood recovery firm is coming to the rescue. Richfords Fire & Flood, based in Pool (Cornwall) and Cullompton (Devon) has been asked to help out.

It follows days of heavy rain devastating communities from Austria to Russia. Insurers say the bill for piecing together people’s lives in Germany alone will reach £2.5billion. Towns and countryside were left deep under water when the rivers Elbe and Danube burst their banks.

Richford’s counterparts in Germany sent a desperate message asking for equipment to dry out people’s homes. Today (Friday), two trucks are being loaded up with three hundred pieces of industrial drying equipment, worth more than £300k. The lorries (provided by R&R Transport) will cross the Channel by ferry and drive to the town of Meerbusch.

Richfords Fire & Flood’s MD, Steven Richford, said: “The scale of the flooding across Europe has come as a nasty shock and has left millions of people with waterlogged property and possessions. At the moment, we are hoping our equipment can help get as many people’s lives back to normal as possible. Our flood recovery teams are also on standby in case manpower is needed too.”


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Note to editors: you are welcome to send cameras to film the trucks being loaded up in Redruth.