Yma dhe bub gonisogeth hy ilow hy honan, byttegyns gwariow ilowek a les a-hys ogas ha pub gonisogeth. Yma dhe nebes gonisogethow gwariow ilowek arbennik kepar ha Bollywood hag opera Italek, Spaynek, Almaynek ha Rusek. Byttegyns ‘an ilowek’ re wrug tevi y’n penn west a Loundres ha Broadway. An ilowek eth war an enep arhans y’n ugensves kansvledhen gans fylmow kepar ha ‘The Wizard of Oz’, ‘High Society’ ha ‘Grease’. Lemmyn y teu ‘an ilowek’ dhe’gan gonisogeth nyni.

Ian Bucknole a waynyas an piwas ‘Govyn Kernewek’ warlena gans towl gul ilowek Kernewek. Ev re oberis gans ilewydh Phil Innes ha treylya an gis ‘Grease’ ha ‘High School Musical’ dhe Gernewek. An sywyans yw ‘Skynt an Ilowek’. An fylm ma yw leun a ganow bewek, nebes ilow hengovek, ha linennow ‘keusek’. An hwedhel y honan a syw maw bohosek hag ev owth assaya hwilas ober. Byttegyns, wortiwedh y hevel bos kerensa a drygh dres oll!

Yth esa an fylm diskwedhys rag an kynsa prys yn sinema Aberfal y’n seythen yw passyes.


There is to each culture her music her own, however plays musical spread across nearly and every culture. There are to some cultures plays musical special same kind and Bollywood and opera Italian, Spanish, German and Russian. However ‘the musical’ has grown in the end west of London and Broadway. The musical went on the screen silver in the 20th century with films same kind and ‘The Wizard of Oz’, ‘High Society’ and ‘Grease’. Now comes ‘the musical’ to our culture us us.

Ian Bucknole won the award ‘Question Cornish’ last year with a plan to do a musical Cornish. He has worked with musician Phil Innes and changed the genre ‘Grease’ and ‘High School Musical’ to Cornish. The result is ‘Skint the musical’. The film here is full of songs lively, some music traditional, and lines ‘cheesy’. The story itself follows a boy poor and he a-trying to search work. However, eventually it seems to be love that conquers through all!

There was the film shown for the first time in cinema Falmouth in the week is passed.


I have stuck even more closely than usual to the Cornish word order in the translation so that you can see how different it is. This is important for as many people in Cornwall to appreciate for the cultural and heritage integrity to be preserved. Too many people have the wonderful idea for naming their house in Cornish – but don’t check with a speaker of the language. They end up taking a few words out of a dictionary and putting them in the English word order. A couple of examples spotted across Cornwall: ‘An coth eglos’ (should be: ‘An eglos coth’) and ‘Gwynn avon nans’ (should be: ‘ Nans avon gwynn’). So the tip here is: contact the Cornish Language Development office – and they will help you.

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