Embargo: Immediate

Richfords Fire & Flood has witnessed at first-hand how recent flooding across Britain has not only had an impact on property – but also on people’s mental health. Precious belongings have been damaged and, in many cases, victims have had to move out of their homes while they are dried out.

Richfords Fire & Flood has seen how this can easily lead victims into a state of depression. So, the south west based recovery firm is leading the way for the industry by teaming up with Active Plus, a social enterprise which engages with people through providing transformational activities, knowledge and skills – all delivered by injured military veterans.

Active Plus director Tim Cocks said: “Because our trainers have lived through trauma and injury including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, they have powerful experience and coping strategies to help people understand about dealing with disaster and overcoming issues that seem insurmountable.”

Richfords MD, Steven Richfords said: “Though what we do is provide practical remedies for people’s property – essentially we are recovering people’s lives. Therefore we are recognising the mental health impact this has… and putting together a plan to lead the industry forward in looking at this closer.”

Richfords was inspired to team up with Active Plus after this winter’s flooding and then checking back to the HPA’s report: “The Effects of Flooding on Mental Health” (December 2011) http://www.hpa.org.uk/webc/HPAwebFile/HPAweb_C/1317131767423

Active Plus will be helping Richfords enhance its skills over the coming months.


For further information, please contact Michael Cooper at Richfords on 01209 722 522 / 07968 175 455 michaelcooper@richfords.com and Tim Cocks at Active Plus on 01326 567174 / 07958 169320 tcocks@activeplus.org.uk