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Audio blog of CSR event

Find out how to benefit your business through corporate social responsibility.

If you have ever wondered what corporate social responsibility (CSR) is and how it can really benefit your business then this event with its three great speakers is for you.


Find out how to make your CSR work for your business from those who really understand how and why it can help you improve your bottom line and gain your business brownie points with clients and the public into the bargain.

If you were unable to attend the event at the Pool Innovation Centre on Wednesday 23rd November 2011, follow this audio blog for comment, testimonials and further podcasts. Please also advise colleagues who may be interested in the subject matter.

Josie Purcell introduces the event:

Manda Brookman from Cornwall Sustainable Tourism Project (CoaST) introduces the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility:

I spoke to Manda following her presentation on CSR to sum up what businesses need to consider:

Sarah Trethowan is from TRAC Services and a member of the Cornwall 100 Club. She has been talking about her firm employs Corporate Social Responsibility. I spoke to her about TRAC’s values and why she backs the Cornwall 100 Club’s work:

Here is a quick listen across some of the question and answer session:

Heather Forster is from Outset Cornwall and used to work as Head of Environment and Community Projects at Body Shop – working closely with Anita Roddick. I’ve been finding out a little about that time with the company:

Matthew Clarke

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