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Sustainable Cornwall – Exploring the Cultural Connection

Below are the podcasts from the event in the order they happened. Scroll further down to download the agenda and see an overview video.   listen to ‘Sustainable Cornwall session 1: Cllr Edwina Hannaford’ on audioBoom Slides listen to ‘Session 2: Dr Joanie Willett’ on audioBoom Slides listen to ‘Session 3: Dr Lamorna Spry’ on audioBoom Slides listen to ‘Session 4 introduction by Dr Adrian Spalding’ on audioBoom listen to …Read More

Does rocket fuel damage the ozone layer?

The future commercialisation of space could cause more damage than the technology causes at the moment. Also, discover how scientists cannot make a full evaluation of the damage because we do not know the mix of chemicals that is burned by Russian, Chinese and other nations’ rockets.

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