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1. Gwell via gortos tre hedhyw, Pan vo an kommol loes, Gwell via bos y’m chi rag dynnerghi penn an oes BURDHEN Ny garsen vy dha reudhi, Mes yma an bys ow teudhi, Awos henna hag ow heudh vy, Ny vynnav dos yn-mes. 2. Defolys yw an planet glas, Gans mostes mabden plos, Henn yw neppyth ha genev kas, Y’n ebrenn, mor ha ros. 3. Re welsen liv hag awel …Read More

An Fos Hen

AN FOS HEN Fos a veyn, Men war ven, Ass os yeyn, Hag ass os hen, Merkya pras, Oes hag oes, Gwitha has, Yn-mes an koes, Growan gwynn, Ha growan du, Synsi hwynn, Orth an eyl tu, Eus dhis kov, Ha hwedhel hir? Skon y rov, Dhis tenkys gwir. 17/5/13

Being aware of clients’ trauma

When Richfords Fire & Flood technicians go into people’s homes or businesses following a fire or flooding, we are even more prepared than ever before to understand the different ways people can experience trauma. We have been undergoing training with Active Plus to recognise symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and how to engage with those who are suffering. Active Plus is a unique company that trains and develops injured …Read More

Richfords Fire & Flood to the rescue after severe flooding in Germany

EMBARGO: Immediate South West firm helps in the German flood relief effort As central Europe struggles to cope with severe flooding over the past weeks, a south west flood recovery firm is coming to the rescue. Richfords Fire & Flood, based in Pool (Cornwall) and Cullompton (Devon) has been asked to help out. It follows days of heavy rain devastating communities from Austria to Russia. Insurers say the bill for …Read More

Thoughts on extremism

Whoever you are, whatever you believe… I will respect you if you respect me. If you don’t respect me… I will respect the person you could become with a little love. This is a small planet and we have short lives. When You see the size of existance and how insignificant we all are – we can understand that our human restricted and pale conception of gods and higher powers …Read More

Thrive Conference

This is the audioblog for the Thrive Conference held at the Hall for Cornwall on 1st May 2013. Here is a summary of the event in 6 minutes: listen to ‘Thrive Summary podcast’ on Audioboo The keynote speaker was Hamish Taylor who spoke about the lessons he learned through working with key brands such as P&G, British Airways and Eurostar. His presentation is here in full, but split into 3 …Read More

Injured military veterans help pull fire and flood victims back from depression

Embargo: Immediate Richfords Fire & Flood has witnessed at first-hand how recent flooding across Britain has not only had an impact on property – but also on people’s mental health. Precious belongings have been damaged and, in many cases, victims have had to move out of their homes while they are dried out. Richfords Fire & Flood has seen how this can easily lead victims into a state of depression. …Read More

Richfords’ flood insurance solution is recognised in Parliament

EMBARGO: Immediate With more heavy rain causing flooding across the UK and still no agreement between the insurance industry and the Government on who should shoulder the risk, Cornwall-based firm, Richfords Fire & Flood, has been acknowledged at the highest level for providing a solution. 200,000 UK properties could find insurance cover unaffordable if a new deal isn’t agreed when the protective insurance deal called the ‘statement of principles’ goes …Read More

Cornish firm to advise Parliament on flooding insurance

EMBARGO: Immediate Cornish firm helps find solution over flooding insurance. A stalemate between the government and the Association of British Insurers could be brought to an end with help from Cornwall’s Richfords Fire & Flood. The lack of a solution to providing cover to 200,000 UK home-owners has left them at risk of being priced out of future insurance schemes. MP for Camborne and Redruth, George Eustice, has invited the …Read More

Presentation Coaching – Blackadder Stylee

Asking someone who speaks softly to increase their vocal volume can be achieved using a range of methods. However, I love this one from ‘Blackadder’. Thanks to Career Coach Steve Nicholls @SNCareerCoach for pointing it out to me.