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10 things to do ahead of a media interview

Ask how the interview is going to be used. Find out from the journalist what programme, channel or feature the article will appear in. Get them to tell you whether it will be just a soundbite or a sizeable chunk. Some pre-recorded interviews will be used in a number of ways. A number of short excerpts (cuts) may be taken for news bulletins while a longer section might appear in …Read More

Sustainable Cornwall – Exploring the Cultural Connection

Below are the podcasts from the event in the order they happened. Scroll further down to download the agenda and see an overview video.   listen to ‘Sustainable Cornwall session 1: Cllr Edwina Hannaford’ on audioBoom Slides listen to ‘Session 2: Dr Joanie Willett’ on audioBoom Slides listen to ‘Session 3: Dr Lamorna Spry’ on audioBoom Slides listen to ‘Session 4 introduction by Dr Adrian Spalding’ on audioBoom listen to …Read More

Summary of Value of Culture event 13th Oct 2014

BACKGROUND On 13th October 2014, an event was held at the Pool Innovation Centre to examine what we perceive as the value of culture and Cornish identity. The seminar cum debate was arranged in the wake of the Cornish people being officially recognised as having ethnic minority status. A panel of experts gave their thoughts on what they thought culture meant for Cornwall: Jenefer Lowe (Maga – Cornish Language Partnership) …Read More

Key feedback on Value of Culture session

Key Feedback from event   Culture and the story behind the product is incredibly important. Cornish language: we like to intersperse words and understand the heritage importance however there is fine line between inclusion and exclusion where a language is concerned and we will be careful with that moving forward. Story telling is not just of the past but conveying a story of an area. It develops context and pride. …Read More

Benefit to Business of Cornish identity and Culture

It was an impressive experience to walk around the marquee at the Great Cornwall Food Festival on Lemon Quay with aromas of cheeses, meats, chocolate and fish all melding into an intoxicating mix of passion for product. It was equally exciting to look at the range of ways used to brand the foods and drink on offer. The visual stimulus worked hand in hand with the entertainment of your senses …Read More

Press Release: The Economic Value of Cornish Culture

Embargo: Immediate A seminar is being held next month to focus on the business benefits and value of using the Cornish identity and culture. It will discuss possible ways of utilising the cultural tools available and identifying key organisations that can help your business make use of the term ‘Cornish’ for financial profit. It will also look at some of the values associated with this term and the background to …Read More

Ten years since Boscastle flood 16th August 2004

On the 16th August 2004, Boscastle was hit with one of the most extreme weather events ever experienced in Cornwall. Following very heavy downpours, the river above Boscastle burst its banks and a violent surge of water rushed through the picturesque village. This happened with such ferocity that the water picked up cars and even motor homes and slammed them into buildings. Many of the vehicles were then washed out …Read More

Cornwall Public Debate on Flooding and Water Security

Flooding, environment, and water experts answer public questions. With infrastructural damage from last winter’s horrendous weather and flooding still fresh in our minds, along with the constant warnings that we will be suffering more of the same in the future, a panel of experts has been assembled in Cornwall to answer questions. The questions will be coming from the public and could be on anything from the recent revelations by …Read More

The Cornish are Recognised as a National Minority

CORNISH GRANTED MINORITY STATUS WITHIN THE UK Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander, today announced that the proud history, unique culture, and distinctive language of Cornwall will be fully recognised under European rules for the protection of national minorities. The decision to recognise the unique identity of the Cornish, now affords them the same status under the European Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities as the UK’s …Read More

Richfords Fire & Flood Budget Comment re: money for flood damage

Embargo: Immediate Budget statement on funds for flood damage. Following the Chancellor making an extra £140 million available for flood damage resolution, Richfords Fire & Flood’s Business Development Director, Michael Cooper, said: “Following the winter storms this year, the country’s flood defences have taken a real battering. The Chancellor’s budget announcement will come as welcome news to communities throughout Britain who have been so badly affected.” “It is a welcome …Read More