Concern over addiction to i-phones

One in four adults and one in two teenagers now own smart phones. Those latest figures show how important social media on mobile platforms is as a marketing route. The degree to which the access to Facebook and other sites has changed the way we live and communicate can be shown by the Ofcom figures. The addiction to staying in touch with friends via social media comes to a peak when we have to continue our online existance even when we are on the toilet. 47% of teenagers told the survey they couldn’t take a leak without taking a peek. That figure was 22% for adults.

Yes, it is true there is concern about how smart phones and social media pervade our lives. However, it is also an indication that companies and organisations wanting to communicate with people, now need to look closer at how they make use of this technology. There are many dangers though for marketing strategies. Many companies are now going for Facebook profiles – but is the population getting wise to this and how does this effect their usage of the main sites? Are people being put off Facebook because it is getting more commercial?

The smart phone addiction also means worrying times for ‘old media’. Though it is true to say that TV and radio are still incredibly strong – there has been a change in the way marketing spends are distributed. Ten years ago, a company would place advertising in newspapers, on local radio, and on television. Now, we see a fast growing market of social media strategists supplying advice to PR directors. They are offering a way of spending the budget online as well. This does not mean the old banner-ads of the old internet, it is more about how companies hold conversations with their customers.

This all translates to growing possibilities for options such as podcasting. With more people able to access, and willing to access content on mobile internet… then perhaps companies should now imagine what sort of messages people want to engage with while sat on the big white telephone.

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